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Connect to multiple Teradata Databases within a single application interface.
Simple and Easy interface with all wizards & tools available accessible via a single application screen.
Report Creation on the fly from your answer set and many visual options to choose from.
Export your answer sheets in a simple click to multiple formats.
Multiple Database connectivity in a multi-threaded application. Auto Answer focus lets you work through multiple databases easily and smoothly.
One click intelligent theme changes with many themes to choose from.
Rich & user friendly setting ...

At Ammonis, we believe in simplicity and have compiled our applications into integrated suite. Two of our products, mainly targeted for Teradata Platforms are:

Ammonis ODBManager:
The Ultimate Tool for Teradata Developer Productivity!

Ammonis ODBManager is a smart database connectivity suite to simplify your experience working with Teradata Data warehouse and equips database developers and DBAs with the 3rd generation SQL IntelliSense and other productivity tools SQL Developers need to speed up the database development process, improve code quality and accuracy. Ammonis ODBManager intensify SQL developer’s productivity, improves code quality and accuracy. Whether your needs are purely SQL querying or you are a heavy database users and use scripting to compress, sync or archive Teradata databases and tables, you can do so with simple clicks using simple wizards using this application. It uses Teradata .NET connectivity and CLIv2 to connect to the Teradata database, which improves performance and connectivity, while making sure you stay on one simple interface and do all the work that you do on a daily basis.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • IntelliSense enabled functionally rich SQL Editor
  • Multithreaded & Multiple Connection Pooling
  • Teradata .NET & CLI Connectivity
  • Teradata Tables & Database Compression
  • Teradata Tables & Database Copy & Sync
  • Teradata Tables & Database Archive
  • Teradata Tables & Database Restore
  • Amazon Cloud Integration
  • Task Manager & Scheduler
  • Multiple Database Connectivity
  • Autofocus Answersheets
  • Report Creation Wizard
  • Report Automation
  • Data Visualization & Analyze Tool
  • Multiple Export Options with simple clicks
  • One Click Theme Changes


Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler:
Schedule all your database tasks and manage them in a simple interface!

Create, Schedule & Run your tasks on the fly! No more complicated tools, no more hassles! We have integrated our Ammonis ODBManager suit with the Sync Manager and Scheduler, you can simply give a task name to your Compress, Copy & Sync, Archive and Restore jobs while you are working on those tasks through the simple wizards, and they will appear on your Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler. You will have a simple Outlook like calendar where you can schedule your tasks to run, as a single one-time future dated or as a recurring task based on your needs. You don’t have to leave your Ammonis ODBManager running as the Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler runs as a service and takes virtually no memory to run, and will turn on by itself if you reboot your computer and will trigger your Teradata tasks behind the scenes while you work on something else. Now you don’t have to remember which tasks you need to run when as Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler will take care of this for you!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Works with Ammonis ODBManager right out of the box
  • Automatically Picks up tasks created: No more duplicative work
  • Simple Outlook based Calendar Integration
  • Runs as a stand-alone service
  • Tracks Successful and failed tasks
  • Create, Edit & Delete Tasks with simple interface


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