Ammonis offers complete data warehouse solutions, delivering all aspects of hardware, software, applications, support & professional services. We also have extensive experience in real time data replication between different data warehouse platforms including Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server etc.

Teradata Installation, Upgrades & Migration 

We have vast experience in Teradata installation from scratch including setting up the hardware & node depending on your current & future data needs. We also can install Teradata patches released by Teradata routinely. We can also replace and install any faulty drives and bring your system back up with no problems.

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If you are migrating your data from an older warehouse, we can also do that while installing the new system, no matter your old data warehouse was on Teradata or not.


Heterogenous Databases & Platforms Experience

Our Consultants are highly experienced in working with multiple databases & Platforms. We provide customized solutions to all your needs no matter which Platform you are on.


Real Time Replication Solutions

We Provide solutions that provide real-time data integration and transformations with very low impact. Our company provide solutions that support large data volumes and heterogenous databases and platforms. Contact us for more details on our products & customized solutions.


Some of our other services include:

– Teradata DBA Services & Solutions

– Teradata Query Optimization

– Teradata Dual Active Solutions

– Teradata Server side & Client side Utils

– Custom UDF Development

– Cross Platform Queries

Ammonis Business Intelligence Solutions 

Using investments you already have made, Ammonis business intelligence solutions improve performance by driving better decision making through familiar interfaces users work in everyday


Cross Platforms Queries

We also provide products that can meet your cross platforms real time optimized queries that either exist on the same datawarehouse or different. Contact us for more details.








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