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You can compress tables or databases through a simple wizard for on-demand or for scheduled compress tasks!
Monitor your compress tasks with integrated simple to use Task Manager!
All the wizards and add-on tasks are integrated within Ammonis ODBManager. No need to install multiple applications ...
Monitor progress of your compress tasks and see if they were executed successfully as scheduled with integrated Task Manager!
You can create on-demand and scheduled reports which you can always refresh on-demand basis. Everything is well integrated within Ammonis ODBManager!

Compress Teradata Database & Tables using simple wizard!

You can simply compress your Teradata database and tables using simple wizard in Ammonis ODBManager 2011. The tool is very easy to use, and works as a stand-alone multi threaded wizard while you can run your queries in the SQL editor or create your reports using report designer or run your sync or archive & restore tasks. It automatically detects the version of Teradata server that you are connected to, and automatically calculates the best compression algorithm to use to compress your tables.


You can also create your tasks within the compression wizard on the fly which you can schedule to run through Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler.


Key Features:

  • Simple to use Wizard.
  • Multiple Output modes – Generate SQL only, Affect Database & Tables or Save SQL in an output predefined file.
  • The best compression algorithm used to maximize your table compression.
  • Schedule auto-compression update on tables on a regular basis.
  • Multi threaded implementation.
  • Select all or few columns depending on your compression need.
  • Create your customized compression needs as a task so that you don’t have to predefine it each time.
  • Automatic Table Header size calculation.
  • Compatible with Teradata 13 to take special compression columns and data types into consideration.
  • Integrated with Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler out of the box.
  • Uses Teradata .NET & CLIv2 connectivity for Teradata connection.


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