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Ammonis has vast experience in Client tools development and on every aspect of Teradata Solutions as we have listed them below. If you have any other custom needs for Teradata or any other database needs, dont hesitate to Contact Us.


Teradata Installation, Upgrades / Migration & Maintenance Solutions 

  • Faulty Drives Replacement
  • Data Migration / NPARC
  • Upgrade / Migrate
  • Teradata Patch Installation
  • PUT
  • TARA Support


Teradata Query Optimization

  • Query Optimization / Detect Bad plans & Optimize accordingly
  • Database & Query Tuning
  • PPI/MPPI Recommendations
  • NUSI, USI, NUPI or UPI Recommendations
  • Query skewing detection and Recommendations
  • Data skewness issues



Teradata Custom UDF Development

  • UDFs – Customized UDFs for your needs.
  • Transform data residing in relational tables into HTML/XML on the Fly!
  • LOBs/CLOBs Datatypes


Teradata Server Side & Client Side Utilities

  • Multiload, Fast Export, Tpump, BTEQ, TPT
  • DBQL Logging
  • DBSControl Tuning
  • Teradata Visual Explain
Teradata DBA Services & Solutions 


  • BAR Support / Veritas Netbackup
  • Arc/Restore too slow?
  • DBA Automate – Automate DBA tasks with our highly optimized procedures


Teradata Dual Active Solutions

  • Teradata Replication with Golden Gate replication software


Ammonis Data Mining Solutions

Certified Data Mining Solutions(TM)

We are proud to present our certified data mining solutions to you using our six phases of life cycle of a data mining project:

  • Business Understanding
  • Data Understanding
  • Data Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment


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