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Simple to use, wizard based Copy & Sync features available to you. No more scripting needed and no more repetitive work!
Easy to understand wizards, simple user interface and your Copy & Sync tasks could be saved on the fly which you can schedule using Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler...
Archive your Teradata Database and Tables into flat compressed files using simple wizards, all integrated within Ammonis ODBManager..
Restore your Teradata Database and Tables using simple wizards, all integrated within Ammonis ODBManager..
Access all your Database tasks through Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler and monitor their progress. No more manual repetitive work to do anymore ...

Sync, Copy, Archive & Restore Teradata Database & Tables using simple wizard!

You can simply Sync/Copy or Archive/Restore your Teradata database and tables using simple wizard in Ammonis ODBManager 2011. The tool is very easy to use, and works as a stand-alone multi threaded wizard while you can run your queries in the SQL editor or create your reports using report designer or run your sync or archive & restore tasks. It automatically detects the version of Teradata server that you are connected to, and automatically calculates the best Sync & Archiving algorithm to use to perform your desired tasks.


You can also create your tasks within the Sync or Archive wizards on the fly which you can schedule to run through Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler. The Archiving of your tables & database is Cloud ready and works with your Amazon AWS right out of the box.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use Wizard.
  • Automatically calculates the best session load management depending on your PC System & Teradata performance and configuration.
  • Easily manage settings through Ammonis ODBManager rich settings controls.
  • The fastest auto-sync tool integrated in your SQL Editor.
  • Best Archiving algorithm used to maximize your table archiving.
  • Cloud Ready
  • Schedule auto-sync & archiving on tables on a regular basis.
  • Multi threaded implementation.
  • Create your customized Copy, Sync or Archiving needs as tasks so that you don’t have to define it each time.
  • Compatible with Teradata 13 to take special columns and data types into consideration.
  • Integrated with Ammonis Sync Manager & Scheduler out of the box.
  • Uses CLIv2 connectivity for Teradata connection.


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